Don't Enter Flooded Streets

Clark County Regional Flood Control District

Save the lives of Nevada drivers + residents

The Situation

Flash flooding in Southern Nevada is a serious threat to the lives of drivers. As the region is rapidly growing, many new residents are unaware of the threat. As little as 3 inches of moving water can wash away a vehicle. In the past, lives were lost in flash flooding events.

The Solution

During the last 23 years we’ve created various social change campaigns aimed at compliant and authority resistant/non-compliant segments of the population to raise awareness of the dangers of flash flooding and influence the behavior of drivers at intersections during flash flood events.

The Work

Research | Strategy | Design | Broadcast | Social | Print | Digital | OOH






The Results

  • 98% public awareness of flash flooding + dangers
  • Only 1 drowning death in 20 years


"R+P has supported the Clark County Regional Flood Control District since the mid-1990s in educating the public about the dangers of flash floods. The awareness of flash floods by the public, through various R+P advertising campaigns, was outstanding. Scott and his staff brought creativity and originality to the flood safety adverting campaign. The District received numerous awards and others tried to achieve our success by duplicating the campaign. A testament of R+P expertise."

– Gale Fraser, General Manager/Chief Engineer

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