Originally from Wisconsin, Pam has been a staple of the Las Vegas advertising scene since 1992. She is an experienced multi-discipline designer with a demonstrated history in a wide variety of industries including gaming, hospitality, performing arts, healthcare, non-profit, educational institutions, sports marketing, and a nationwide water store franchise.

If there is a need, Pam has seen it in her 30 years in the industry. She is accustomed to exploring a non-traditional approach to problem-solving and creative thinking, pivoting on a dime to fulfill ever-changing demands. Known as the MacGyver of advertising, her highly versatile skill set includes art direction, design, production work, print production management, project coordination, and copywriting. Her strengths lie in traditionally produced collateral, direct mail, print advertising, digital media, video editing, copywriting, integrated marketing, and marketing strategies.

When she is not saving the world, Pam is a voracious Stephen King fan and enjoys glassblowing, watercolor, cooking, true crime, and beachcombing.