Noel Glez


Noel is an accomplished designer and our resident FAA-licensed aerial camera drone pilot (more on that later). Noel’s career has included roles as both a graphic and UX/UI designer at several Las Vegas-area design agencies. He’s worked extensively in logo and identity design for the gaming, entertainment and garment industries. A graduate of the Art Institute of Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Noel’s creativity and eye for production quality elevate the Robertson+Partners aesthetic on every project. He can often be found, sketchbook in hand, penning poetry or song lyrics for his electric triangle band you might have heard of.

Noel has recently become a licensed pilot and cameraman for the RPG Studios drone photography program. He and the RPG team are extremely proud of the aerial photography and video assets they provide many of our clients on an ongoing basis.

Noel also happens to be a surfer as well as a proud father to two kids and a dog named “Chicken.”