George has nearly reached the 20-year, gold star Nevada resident mark. He is a man of few words who spends the majority of his time crunching numbers and keeping Robertson+Partners and our clients in the black and in compliance. His professional resume is as follows:

Education: University of San Diego, San Diego, California
Bachelor of Science Degree May 1971
Major – Accounting, Minor – Business Administration

Cuyamaca Bank, Founder and Director 1984 – 1991

4/93 – Merica, Burch & Dickerson, Inc. DBA Robertson Wood (Robertson+Partners)
Present Advertising – Chief Financial Officer

7/92 – Business Accounting Services – Owner
4/93 Business Management Consulting Las Vegas, NV

1/78 – Davey, Reed & Associates (50%) Partner
7/92 Southern California Real Estate Development

11/86 – KRD Developing Resources, Inc. (1/3 Owner)
7/92 Multi Auto Services Company Car Washes, Lube & Oil Change Operations Southern California

1/88 – Consolidated Management Associates, Inc. (1/3 Owner)
4/91 Mobil Oil Company Dealer Oceanside, CA

1/90 – San Diego RDS, Corp. (50% Owner)
5/91 Auto & Truck Repair Facility San Diego, CA

10/74 – Southwestern Development Company Vice
1/78 President/Controller Southern California Real Estate Developer

6/71 – Sheltec Corporation Controller
10/74 Southern California Real Estate Developer

Current Associations

Council for a Better Nevada, Board of Directors

Prior Associations

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
Boys and Girls Club Foundation, Board of Directors
Employers Insurance Company, Board of Directors
Nevada State College Foundation, Board of Directors
Silver State Bank, (NASDAQ-SSBX), Board of Directors- Past Chairman
Las Vegas Catholic Diocese, Finance Committee
Nevada Development Authority, Board of Trustees-Past Chairman
Sunrise Hospital, Board of Trustees
Shuffle Master (NASDAQ-SHFL), Board of Directors, Chairman, Interim CE