George has nearly reached the 30-year, gold star Nevada resident mark and should soon be considered a native. He is a man of few words who spends the majority of his time crunching numbers and keeping Robertson+Partners and our clients in the black and in compliance. His professional resume is as follows:

Education: University of San Diego, San Diego, California
Bachelor of Science Degree May 1971
Major – Accounting, Minor – Business Administration

Cuyamaca Bank, Founder and Director 1984 – 1991

4/93 – Merica, Burch & Dickerson, Inc. DBA Robertson Wood (Robertson+Partners)
Present Advertising – Chief Financial Officer

7/92 – Business Accounting Services – Owner
4/93 Business Management Consulting Las Vegas, NV

1/78 – Davey, Reed & Associates (50%) Partner
7/92 Southern California Real Estate Development

11/86 – KRD Developing Resources, Inc. (1/3 Owner)
7/92 Multi Auto Services Company Car Washes, Lube & Oil Change Operations Southern California

1/88 – Consolidated Management Associates, Inc. (1/3 Owner)
4/91 Mobil Oil Company Dealer Oceanside, CA

1/90 – San Diego RDS, Corp. (50% Owner)
5/91 Auto & Truck Repair Facility San Diego, CA

10/74 – Southwestern Development Company Vice
1/78 President/Controller Southern California Real Estate Developer

6/71 – Sheltec Corporation Controller
10/74 Southern California Real Estate Developer