SES 2020-2021

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The Situation

Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos, Branson. Drones, balloons, swarms of tiny satellites. Daydreams about future technology are generating viral buzz and mainstream news headlines. O3b mPOWER wasn’t getting its fair share of coverage for world-changing technology that is in place today and with a go-to-market roadmap for the next generation satellite-enabled network solution that beats the competitors and delivers on its promise.

The Solution

To address the gap between real-world execution and marketing, we helped SES breakthrough in the marketplace with a powerful manifesto. We backed up this powerful statement with individual videos speaking to specific verticals with additional detail.



It actually is rocket science, how about that?


Research, Strategy, Video, Print, Design, Collateral, Direct Mail, Digital, Social, Email


Strategy Deck

PDF Download; 6.7MB










“I have worked with R+P for over 12 years in the Communications/ Space industry and their work continues to innovate. They have the best insightful talent and turn out the highest quality work. Operations are efficient and projects are done on time and within budget. They’re the best!”

– Nita Wright, Director Global Marketing, SES Networks

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