Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)2022-05-05T15:25:39-07:00

The Situation

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) regularly seeks public funding for transportation initiatives. Trouble is, people fail to see the value in construction projects. Instead, they only see the personal delays and frustrations they create.

The Solution

The ultimate symbol of this inconvenience is the much-maligned orange traffic cone. We turned this symbol of frustration into a symbol of love, positioning the traffic cone as the bringer of jobs, progress and economic growth – something we can all get behind.


Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

“Love the Cone”
Make Nevada fall in love with road construction.


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“Robertson + Partners are creative problem-solvers who understand how to engage an audience and tell a story while enhancing our marketing and brand initiatives. Their innovative solutions allow us to stay directly engaged with our customers while attracting new customers. We appreciate their hard work and dedication in helping to promote and brand transportation in Southern Nevada.”

– Angela Torres Castro, Chief Strategy, Policy & Marketing Officer

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