CCRFCD – “Drainger Danger”

CCRFCD – “Drainger Danger”2021-03-08T10:53:23-08:00

The Situation

Young people find storm pipes and drains fun to bike or skate in, or otherwise explore. These useful pieces of infrastructure pose lower risk in summer, but all it takes is one rainstorm in Southern Nevada to turn conditions tragic. Kids are curious, adventurous, and poor at assessing risk — if they see a large pipe, they’ll often go to inspect it and see what’s inside, which can lead to a catastrophe. This is a danger that most parents and young people overlook.

The Solution

The campaign needed to transcend discussion of functional risk and make the message memorable — without inspiring risky behavior. To bridge the awareness gap with creative messaging that educates and entertains tweens and teens, we drew inspiration from the massively popular TikTok dance challenges to bring the danger of drains to life combining musicality and a safety.




Strategy, Design, Social, Digital, Broadcast

Broadcast Spot (:30)

Social – TikTok Dance Challenges





The Results

Inspired by TikTok dance challenges, the campaigned lead with social media including (of course) TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. TV & OTT helped reach a co-viewing audience and deliver 20 million video impressions with positive comments left on posts and ads. More importantly, awareness levels measured at 75% – 95% throughout the campaign.

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