Be Lake Friendly

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The Situation

Southern Nevada residents often use Nevada roadways and storm drains to dispose of waste products. This waste enters the water system and eventually flows into Lake Mead, the source of our drinking water. This poses environmental and health safety threats to the community.

The Solution

Robertson+Partners created a PSA and website aimed at educating, certifying and changing the behavior of compliant and authority resistant/non-compliant residents, businesses and school aged children.


Nevada Stormwater Coalition

“Be Lake Friendly”
Protect Nevada’s natural environment + water supply


Research, Strategy, Design, Video, Digital, Direct Mail

YouTube video


“R+P has supported the Clark County Regional Flood Control District since the mid-1990s in educating the public about the dangers of flash floods. The awareness of flash floods by the public, through various R+P advertising campaigns, was outstanding. Scott and his staff brought creativity and originality to the flood safety adverting campaign. The District received numerous awards and others tried to achieve our success by duplicating the campaign. A testament of R+P expertise.”

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